Creative Director / Founder

Founder, CEO, and cultural leader, Claudia Baeza, drives our company strategy, vision and creativity for our team and our clients. As a specialized lawyer and trained designer, her skills enable a unique focus and approach
for our clients. She brings years
of intellectual property law,
creative design and marketing
and overall corporate messaging
development to the marketplace. Add
to that her Latin zest for life and you have a creative and passionate leader.

Harun Razith
Lead Designer / Architect

Harun is a dreamer, technologist and a creative enthusiast. As a user advocate, he specializes in architecting and
delivering strategic, goals-based, flexible, high-performance consumer & business applications that are simple and easy to use. When he is not in front of Photoshop and Sublime Text he is usually playing squash, combing beaches or snowboarding down
mountain slopes.

Nick Sommer

Nick Sommer is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He has a BFA in Graphic
Design from UMASS Dartmouth. His body of work includes a mural he created for Wagamama, located in the Prudential mall in Boston, Massachusetts. He began working at a sign shop in Concord, Massachusetts
where he designed and created vinyl graphics for a multitude of different applications including Vehicle
Graphics and Environmental Design.

Jennifer Baker
Web Developer

Jenn is a Web Developer bringing to us 18 years of technology experience. Most notably, she was an IT Project Manager and Associate at Morgan Stanley in the Private Equity and Investment Management Divisions in New York City. Since then, Jenn has been a consultant covering the needs of the small business or individual spanning a variety of industries. When not coding, Jenn is a classical Bassoonist, having received advanced degrees from the New England Conservatory and Manhattan School of Music.

Corporate Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur and Technology Advisor, Robert Corace lead strategic development of and launch of NakedUI. He has a long track record of starting successful specialized technology and consulting firms with a focus on bleeding edge technologies, processes, and new business areas. Robert brings to NakedUI his Italian drive for style, creativity, and relationship building. You may see Robert riding his Harley to clients on Fridays.

Julian B. Hochmuth
Intern | Sound Designer

Julian is a Sound Design and Audio Post Production specialist. He has four years of experience with the program Logic Pro and can create a wide variety of productions including cinematic soundscapes and electronic dance songs. He has collaborated on sound used in trailers for major motion pictures including, Pacific Rim, White House Down, The Call, and Only God Forgives. In his free time, he can be
found shooting black and white
photography in and around
the Boston area.

Oscar R. Baeza
Medical & Scientific Illustrator

Dr. Oscar Baeza is a cardiac surgeon and doctor specializing in medical and scientific illustration. In 2003, after an illustrious career in medicine, he obtained a masters degree in medical and biological illustration from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. As Professor from 2005 to 2012 at the University of Andres Bello, he co-authored “The Development of the Red Conger Eel” and the first two volumes of “The Atlas of Anatomical Dissection.” When he is not busy working, he can be found painting with his dogs at his beach house.

Nick Thorsch
Web Developer

Nick specializes in making client’s wishes come true. He’ll either get it done or find someone else who will. He’s a problem solver, thinks outside the box, committed to successful outcomes, and highly resourceful. He was trained at UC Berkeley in both computer programming and business. He has corporate experience at Microsoft and has worked with some of the top web development, SEO and Internet Marketing companies. Nick enjoys the crossroads of business and technology and helping small businesses grow.


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